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Built on the belief that every little contribution is a building block towards a brighter future, ShadyBay is super excited to introduce our Charity Collection Colors. 70% of the profits of these colors will be donated to a local non-profit charity in that specific location. 

Nairobi x The Turning Point Trust

The Turning Point Trust is a non-profit Christian charity that exists to empower the vulnerable children and families of Kibera, Kenya by creating opportunities for them to reach their full God-given potential. Current ongoing projects being funded are;

A little more on Kibera

For the roughly 250,000 people that live in the poverty-stricken slum, many of whom are children, getting a step ahead is almost impossible. With a 50% unemployment rate and an average income of less than $1 a day, the burden of providing for themselves and their families weighs heavy on the residents of Kibera. 
Since money is so scarce, almost every penny goes towards paying rent and food. Most schools either cost tuition to attend or are funded by non-profits and only accept a limited number of students. Unfortunately, this means that many kids go without school education. Instead, they are left to help their parents with manual labor or scrummage the ginormous trash piles that line the streets looking for things to sell. The living conditions in the slums are considered to be some of the worst in the world. Only about 20% of the population has electricity and water is usually collected in buckets at water fountains sparsely located throughout the slum. Disease and malnourishment are very common, leaving behind a grim child mortality rate and an average life expectancy of only 30 years old. 
To have any chance of leaving the slums and making a better life for themselves, a nourishing diet and a strong educational base are vital for the children in Kibera. This makes the work of non-profit charity funds, like the Turning Point trust, especially pivotal. Thank you for your contribution! 
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