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ShadyBay, originally akooibaby, was founded shortly after our twin boys, Kacey and Shayden, were born in 2018. We already had our 7-year-old daughter Mia at the time and had been trying for another baby for years until eventually going with IVF (a crazy story for another time). Shayden has always had extremely sensitive skin which led me to search for clothing and detergents that wouldn't irritate his eczema. I soon fell in love with Bamboo fabric after reading about all of its benefits and feeling how soft and breathable it was.

I wanted to bring real, organic bamboo fabric to the market at fair prices to everyone. I wasn't sure where to start, but since swaddling was such a huge part of our sleep routine and I couldn't find any bamboo swaddles, that's where I put my focus. After all, it seemed like there was a real need for one, or at least I needed one. Well, two actually. 

I set out to find an organic bamboo fabric manufacturing company and found one that controls every aspect of the process. From growing their own bamboo, to knitting the fabric. They make sure that every step is eco-friendly and the end result is organic with no harsh chemicals used. While searching for the manufacturing company I also designed and tested the lightweight, 2-in-1 swaddle pajama that we know today as the Swajama! After feeling the first Swajama I quickly realized that I wanted to share this natural bamboo fabric with everyone, and grow from the one-product swaddle company that we originated as.

Combining our love for travel and our desire to help those in need, we decided to name all of our styles after cities and countries from around the globe. This ultimately gives us the opportunity to choose cities that need our help and allows us to donate a large portion from those styles to local non-profit charities along the way.

I'm so glad you found us and I hope you stay for the joruney!



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