6 Reasons Why Parents Are Switching to Bamboo Fabric

By Sara Bonnett

Parents have relied on cotton fabric baby clothes for decades. Today’s savvy parents now have another choice . . . bamboo! Read today’s post to learn why they are making the switch and why you should, too.

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1. Bamboo Fabric is Stronger than Cotton Fabric

When it comes to cleaning, bamboo fabric is the clear winner because the garments keep their shape, strength and durability. They are made of dense fiber material, which won’t stretch out or wear down as quickly as cotton tends to do.

2. Bamboo Fabric is Easy to Clean

Bamboo fabric doesn’t require as much washing as cotton, which allows it to last longer. For the best results, wash your baby’s clothes in a separate load, with cold water and on the gentle cycle. Unlike cotton fabric, they require less dye coloration and will keep their original colors after many washings.

3. Bamboo Fabric is Softer than Cotton Fabric

Bamboo offers the luxurious feel of silk and Egyptian cotton, without the hefty price tag. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it the perfect choice for babies who have sensitive skin or allergies.

4. Bamboo Fabric is More Absorbent and Breathable

Bamboo fabric is 40% more absorbent than the finest organic cotton. It wicks moisture away from the skin faster, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. It also absorbs water over three times its weight, allowing it to get rid of moisture faster. Your baby may experience less skin irritation, as a result.

5. Bamboo Fabric Stays Cleaner While Smelling Better

Bamboo contains natural antimicrobial bio-agents that help reduce odors, mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus that thrive on clothing, and the baby’s skin. This will greatly reduce the chance of your baby smelling sour or dirty.

6. Bamboo Fabric is Ideal to Wear All Year Round

Bamboo clothing will keep your baby cool during the summer months and warm during the winter. That said, if you live in an area that is prone to extreme winter weather, the fabric will add another protective layer. Bamboo fabric isn’t limited to baby clothes. It is used to make clothing for men, women and children, bedding, backpacks and much more. You’ll love its durability and longevity, which will ultimately help you save money in replacement costs.


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