4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe For Toddlers

By Sara Bonnett

Is your child reaching new levels of mobility? It’s such an amazing moment when your little one begins to walk, but there’s some work required to make your home safe as they can explore more than ever before. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen and adjusting after the fact, let’s take a look into some best practices for danger-proofing your home, and how to ensure safety for your little one.

1. Look at your home through your child's eyes

To you, your home may not seem like a dangerous place, and it’s easy to assume that there isn’t anything of harm at first glance. However, for your curious kiddo, they can find danger in places you may not see. When your child begins exploring, please take a moment to view your house from their eyes. There are plenty of items that can cause trouble, like candles or matches, picture frames, and of course, electrical outlets. It’s crucial to combat this before any damage is done, so make sure to put things out of reach that could cause harm. Even if an item is up high, make sure it is sturdily placed and not too top-heavy that could tip over. Doing so will catch many red flags ahead of time, so your child can be safe.

2. When in doubt lock them out

Rather than changing your home, alternatively, you can opt for walling off dangerous areas of your home so that your child can’t have access without supervision. More than just baby gates, there are more, smaller touches that may help keep your child safe. Locks on cabinets, appliances and even rooms that your child isn’t ready to access allows for you to keep them safe without changing up your whole home. Check out our favorite multi-purpose child lock below!

3. Pick Your Spots

When you’re looking for areas to danger-proof, there are some common-sense options where you should start. First and foremost, the kitchen contains plenty of very hazardous items, so store your utensils up high and reserve lower cabinets for plasticware, non-fragile options, and other things you won’t mind your toddler finding. Another room with some risk is the bathroom. While your mind might go toward the danger that the toilet presents, it’s easy to forget the medicine cabinet, and cleaning materials that pose potentially life threatening risk. Know where you need to prioritize, but know each home is unique, and you should always check the whole house to make sure there isn’t any hidden danger.

4. Beat The Heat

Your child will be new to the concept of heat, and taking care of potential burn hazards will go a long way. While the stove may be a no-brainer thought to secure, there are other elements to focus on as well. If your home has a radiator, furnace vents, or a fireplace, make sure you take steps to prevent your little one from getting burned. Whether you purchase safety materials, or you completely wall off dangerous areas, it’s a great idea and will help keep your kiddo safe.

A child requires constant flexibility, and it can be a long learning process! Take some time to consider how your home can become a safe environment as they explore, and be ready to adjust at a moment’s notice.

Our 3 favorite child safety products 

Muti-Purpose, Child Safety Lock

Baby Proofing Child Safety Locks (12 Pack) by Skyla Homes - The Safest, Quickest and Easiest 3M Adhesive Cabinet Latches, No Screws & Magnets, Multi-Purpose for Furniture, Kitchen, Ovens, Toilet Seats 

Why we like it: It has a sleek, low-profile design that isn't an eye sore to have throughout the house. It works for a multitude of areas so you don't need to purchase a bunch of different products. It was easy to install and strong enough to keep our baby hulk, Shay, from getting into the fridge and cupboards. He ripped through the child locks that you push down to open. 

Door Handle Child Lock

Door Lever Lock (2 Pack) Child Proof Doors & Handles 3M Adhesive - Child Safety By Tuut 

Why we like it: It's a simple design that works at keeping our 2 year olds out of the rooms, but still easy enough for us and our 9 year old to open without too much hassle. It works by pressing in 2 small buttons in order to move the lever up and down to block the handle from moving.

Electrical Outlet Plugs

38 Pack Baby proofing Outlet Plugs, PRObebi

Why we like it: These are the first outlet covers we found that our 2 year olds weren't able to pull out themselves. They would pop out the other plugs and then not only was the outlet exposed but the plug itself was a choking hazard. These PRObebi plugs have an attached tab that makes it easier for adults to remove but not baby. 

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