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The 4 Best Products to Battle Pregnancy Symptoms

While having a baby brings joy and love to the mind, pregnancy also comes with some hardships to the body. When I was pregnant with my twins there were days that I honestly felt like dying. Today, we’ll be taking a look at all sorts of solutions on the market for whatever you might be experiencing, from easing morning sickness to helping you sleep better, let’s get you feeling better!

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4 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe For Toddlers

Is your child reaching new levels of mobility? It’s such an amazing moment when your little one begins to walk, but there’s some work required to make your home safe as they can explore more than ever before. We give you our 4 tips for creating a safer environment for your toddler, and suggest 3 of our favorite child safety products.

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The 3 Best Fabrics for Eczema and the 4 You Should Avoid

Eczema sucks. And it especially sucks for little ones that don’t know why their skin is so irritated and itchy. We take a look at what makes certain materials better for sensitive skin and give you our three best options, as well as the ones to avoid.

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